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This website contains names and images of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Name Start date End date
HealthSelect25 Jun 2014 5 May 2016


CommitteeDate tabledTitleRead report
HealthSelectFirst interim reportParliamentary paper number 426/2014Document icon
HealthSelectSecond interim reportParliamentary paper number 197/2015Document icon
HealthSelectThird interim report: Australian Hearing: too important to privatiseParliamentary paper number 247/2015Document icon
HealthSelectFourth interim report: Mental health: a consensus for action (presented out of session on 8 October 2015)Parliamentary paper number 266/2015Document icon
HealthSelectFifth interim report: Black lung: "It has buggered my life" (presented out of session on 28 April 2016)Parliamentary paper number 158/2016Document icon
HealthSelectSixth interim report: Big health data: Australia's big potentialParliamentary paper number 176/2016Document icon
HealthSelectFinal report: Hospital funding cuts: the perfect storm - The demolition of Federal-State health relations 2014–2016 (presented out of session on 5 May 2016)Parliamentary paper number 215/2016Document icon