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This website contains names and images of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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This long-running select committee presented a succession of reports on matters relating to animal welfare in Australia. Inquiries included dolphins and whales in captivity, the export of live sheep, kangaroos, animal experimentation, the racing industry and the culling of large feral animals in the Northern Territory.


George Georges


John Joseph Morris


Arthur Ray Devlin


Bryant Robert Burns



Date tabledTitleRead report
Export of Live Sheep from AustraliaParliamentary paper number 326/1985
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Dolphins and Whales in CaptivityParliamentary paper number 498/1985
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KangaroosParliamentary paper number 109/1988
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Animal ExperimentationParliamentary paper number 396/1989
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Sheep HusbandryParliamentary paper number 397/1989
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Intensive Livestock ProductionParliamentary paper number 94/1990
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The Racing Industry (Interim Report)
Culling of Large Feral Animals in the Northern TerritoryParliamentary paper number 480/1991
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Aspects of Animal Welfare in the Racing IndustryParliamentary paper number 481/1991
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Equine Welfare in Competitive Events other than RacingParliamentary paper number 485/1991
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Transport of Livestock within AustraliaParliamentary paper number 484/1991
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