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The committee inquired into the desirability and feasibility of establishing a securities exchange commission and the form it could take. Evidence was received from 142 witnesses, which generating over 12,000 pages of transcript. The committee stated its main finding was that the regulation of the securities market required fundamental reform.


Magnus Cameron Cormack


Peter Elliot Rae



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Kenneth Shaw Wriedt, committee member 1970-75, Interview with Dr Peter Hay, 1987-88, National Library of Australia, TRC 4900/68, session 4, 00:00:08-00:03:25.

Full interview available at

Magnus Cormack, chair 1970-71, Interview with Tony Hannan, 1987, National Library of Australia, TRC 4900/39, session 11, 00:06:37-00:10:26.

Full interview available at

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Committee timeline – Select Committee on Securities and Exchange


Date tabledTitleRead report
Australian Securities Markets and their Regulation (Interim Report) - Volume 2Parliamentary paper number 98A/1974
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Australian Securities Markets and their Regulation (Interim Report) - Volume 1Parliamentary paper number 98/1974
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