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This wide-ranging inquiry considered matters including road safety research and education, traffic management, accident statistics, drink driving, driver training, speed limits, pedestrian safety, vehicle roadworthiness, young drivers, vehicle design, road conditions, road safety in country areas and the operation of Road Safety Councils.


Kenneth McColl Anderson




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Kenneth Anderson, committee chair, Interview with Mel Pratt, 1977, National Library of Australia, TRC 121/90, session 3, 00:01:58-00:07:00.

Full interview available at

Malcolm Scott, committee member, Interview with John Ferrell, 1986, National Library of Australia, TRC 4900/76, session 17, 00:10:12-00:14:14.

Full interview available at

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Committee timeline – Select Committee on Road Safety


Date tabledTitleRead report
ReportParliamentary paper number S2/1960
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