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This website contains names and images of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Health and Welfare Committee was the first Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committee established by the Senate. Its inquiry into disability services was the first of many ground-breaking examinations of matters of national significance. The committee also examined annual reports and petitions relating to health and social welfare.


Ivy Evelyn Annie Wedgwood


Nancy Eileen Buttfield


William Walter Charles Brown


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Committee timeline – The first legislative and general purpose standing committees commence operation


Date tabledTitleRead report
Mentally and Physically Handicapped Persons in AustraliaParliamentary paper number 45/1971

Gordon Sinclair Davidson, committee member 1970-71, Interview with Bruce Edwards, 1984-86, National Library of Australia, TRC 4900/41, session 79, 00:11:23-00:13:18.

Full interview available at

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Petitions Relating to Social ServicesParliamentary paper number 123/1973
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Petition Relating to the Transfer of Social Service EntitlementsParliamentary paper number 124/1973
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RepatriationParliamentary paper number 234/1973
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Petition Relating to Ultrasonic Aids for the BlindParliamentary paper number 46/1974
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Rehabilitation Services for the Disadvantaged (Handicapped)Parliamentary paper number 45/1974
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Petitions Relating to the Proposed National Health SchemeParliamentary paper number 283/1974
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Continuing Oversight of the Report of the Senate Select Committee on Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse (Report No. 1)Parliamentary paper number 31/1975
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The Annual Report 1972-73 of the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories CommissionParliamentary paper number 161/1975
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